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The Trinidad Coastal Land Trust

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Properties and Conservation Easement Holdings

Our volunteers partnered with the Humboldt State University's GIS club to produce our new map of greater Trinidad. Most of our 17 properties allow for public access to beautiful beaches.

Who We Are

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The Trinidad Coastal Land Trust is a locally operated nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the natural beauty and character of the coastal areas of Northern California. A longstanding tradition in the United States, land trusts have helped create public rights without reducing private rights.

The Trinidad Coastal Land Trust (formerly the Humboldt North Coast Land Trust) was formed in 1978 by local citizens and currently holds more than 40 acres of coastal property and five easements.

What We Do

The Land Trust holds and manages property donated for the benefit of the public. Donors may request that their donations be allocated for conservation, scenic views, access, or protection, and the Trust honors the wishes of such donors.

How We Benefit The Community

The Land Trust preserves areas of scenic beauty for the enjoyment of the public and for educational purposes and conserves and protects the land entrusted to its care. In this way it is making available to the many what had previously been accessible only to the few.

How We Benefit Landowners

The Land Trust enables landowners to make sure their wishes for the future of their property will be realized. At the same time there are possible tax benefits for donors from gifts or bargain sale of their land. Land gifts may be any one of a wide variety specifically tailored to the desire and need of each landowner. For example:

  • Gift in fee
  • Bargain sale
  • Open space easement
  • Habitat reserve
  • Agricultural or timber preserve
  • Wetlands conservation

For more information:

Trinidad Coastal Land Trust
PO Box 457
Trinidad, CA 95570

Download Our Brochure (PDF, 9.2MB)

New Name

The Humboldt North Coast Land Trust changed its name to the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust to better reflect our area of focus. Please also note our new website address: